Who We Are

Our family chases adventures with the Navy around the world.

Our latest expedition takes us to Suffolk, Virginia, where I serve as the Regional Public Affairs Officer (PAO) for Naval Medical Forces Atlantic. As the PAO for our command, I advise the commander and leadership team on internal and external communication, communication strategy, media relations, and community relations. My primary responsibility is to illustrate and execute public affairs as a strategic line of effort that enables the warfighter.

As a full-time mother, I aim to raise an intentional, intelligent, and inventive child who lives authentically, fails gracefully, and is committed to kindness and filling love tanks.

img_1086This is Trenton. He loves golfing with his grandfather and avoiding my hugs. He is my favorite person to bounce menu ideas off, and the first to grab the kayaks and rush to the lake on a nice day. Ever since he was little, I taught him to look for people who are hurting and fill their love tanks–Find Them and Fill Them. I’m so proud of the young person he is and is growing into.

0This is Brandon. He’s the glue that holds our family together. He’s the one who pours a whiskey when anxiety is too much, the one who shows up our family’s auction with a spreadsheet to buy back pieces of my childhood, doll by doll, nativity set by antique Santa. He’s the character behind planting my grandfather’s rose bush at our Pennsylvania home when our childhood house sold and I thought I lost that piece of our family forever. Naturally, he’s also the author of “Bandits”.

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