Back to School

I’m not sure I was ever going to be “ready” for Trenton James Andrew to start high school. But he did so today in the same manner he’s approached many challenges throughout his short life: unafraid and head on…and without his Mamma by his side.

There are a lot of moments you’re not supposed to miss as a parent. This is one of them. I’m sorry I’m not there to squeeze you in front of all your high school friends, or to conduct first inspection, or to make you your favorite breakfast, or to remind you to pack every folder for the first day, or to watch you board the school bus as I hold it together long enough to watch that yellow tank pull away before diving into my pillow in tears.

You have all you need to serve your high school community as an intentional leader and thoughtful friend and student. I’m proud of you and I love you endlessly.

Go get ‘em, T.

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