6902 Miles

By the time I head home in December, I will have been away from Trenton for 17 months. 17 months.

The truth is, while I’m out here having a blast on deployment…participating in cool OPTs…taking cool flights…making cool friends…doing cool things onboard cool ships…

I’m not really much of a parent. I’m certainly not physically present and if you’ve ever tried communicating with a teenage boy while stationed 6902 miles apart—you know I’m probably not really emotionally or mentally present, despite myriad texts and calls and letters.

The real heroes of Trenton’s life are these folks: my mom, dad, and sister, and Brandon. The four of them have raised him since August 2018, making sure he practices golf, does his homework, brushes his teeth, and remembers to text Mom once in awhile.

People talk all the time about the sacrifice a family makes for their loved one in the military. But this family is proof. They’ve all rearranged their lives—all five of them—Trenton, too!—so I could go forward and hopefully make a small bit of difference in the world.

Thanks, Family 💕

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