I’m Thankful

This clan has had a rough year. We’ve spent more time apart than we have together. We’ve battled a cervical cancer scare, myriad heart surgeries and their complications, and fought through countless physical therapy sessions. We’ve moved overseas and started new jobs and new schools. We’ve lost close friends and invited new ones into our lives. We’ve cried through most of Spring Break, lit a candle for Grandpa in Montmartre, and learned that home is where the heart is.

And through it all, we’ve celebrated birthdays, created the perfect Thanksgiving menu, and started listening to Christmas music way too early. We’ve sent flowers and cheesecake and chocolates and snuggled puppies and decorated for Halloween. We did whatever it took to reach a sense of normalcy through the hectic and scary and brutiful journeys our different lives venture, and come together as often as possible to break bread, explore the woods, and curl up around the living room watching Jeopardy.

Today, and every day, I am thankful for family.

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