Trenton’s Tournament

Yesterday, our athletic little guy shot an 83 in his final golf tournament of the season.

His coach sent this as part of a recap to the parents:

”Congrats to Trenton McMillen! This young man went out today and carded his best ever 9 hole score with a 41. But then followed it up with a 42 on a course he had never played before. With a total score of 83, Trenton lived up to his second seed with unbelievable play!

Chuck and Trenton were unbelievable teammates to the younger members this year. They not only led by their exceptional play on the course, but also with awesome integrity and friendship that I know meant so much to the younger members on the team. Good luck to you both in your future endeavors! I know you will excel in all that you do.”

Congratulations on an incredible first season, Trenton James Andrew. I’m proud of you for leading your teammates with kindness, conviction, and an excitement and love of golf only you can bring to the course.

A major shoutout to your grandparents for supporting your golf “hobby” since before you could walk. 💕🏌️

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