Last night my parents, Brandon, and I left our house to meet my sister and Trenton for her birthday dinner. Her birthday was last April but time got the best of my family and they never went out to celebrate. “Let’s do it while Tia is here!” Tori said. We were halfway to Augusta when we got the call:

“Mom, where are you? Bailey isn’t okay. She’s pawing the ground and I’ve been walking her and she’s all broken out where are you?”

We turned the car around.

I quickly did the math in my head. It had been a little less than an hour since we left. Tori would be emotionally and physically exhausted walking Bailey so she wouldn’t colic.

How quickly can I get undressed and into safe shoes and PT clothes? If I removed my jewelry in the car, and unzipped my jumper the entire way, I could change clothes and be to the barn in about 90 seconds. Yes, I’ll do that.

I asked Brandon to unbutton and unzip my jumper and I removed my jewelry. Mom pulled to the front of the house so the two of us could run inside and change over.

Jumper flying like a cape behind me, fuschia bra strap showing, and jewelry balled up into my left fist, I bounded fearless into the house: we were going to save the damn horse.

I swung open the door and: SURPRISE! Happy birthday, Tia!

I was stunned. My parents’ and sister’s classy and beautiful friends surrounded my frantic disheveled body.


Brandon zipped me back up, Julie handed me a Leinenkugel, and Tori ensured me that the pony was, in fact, fine.

Thank you to all who welcomed a half-naked me to my own party and who took the time to celebrate with me. I appreciate you all so much. 💕

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  1. Happy Birthday!! You truly showed up in your birthday suit!!!😂 I’m so happy that you were surprised. Love you and I look forward to spending our many future celebrations together.


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