Day 20: Pottery shopping at Santo Stefano di Camastra…and Tony!

Nicole Ballou and I decided to take a day trip to Santo Stefano di Camastra on the north side of Sicily. After about two hours of driving, we ventured down the street of the cutest little town and quickly found free parking—a commodity in Sicily. After window shopping at a few stores we heard, “Americano? Americano?” calling after us down the street. The boisterous voice belonged to Tony Fuoti, a local who spent ten years as a mechanic in Madison, Wisconsin. He didn’t speak a word of English when he first came to the states, but said his brother and sister Americans helped him, now he repays the favor. He told us we were with him for the day and proceeded to show us his favorite lookout, restaurant, gellateria, and ceramiche shop. Today was everything I imagined Sicily would be when I first learned we were moving here. The splendid colors of hand painted pottery, the sweet taste of hazelnut gelato, the fruity acidic white wine to wash down a long hot afternoon, and the kindness of strangers who so quickly become friends. This is the Sicily I love and will always remember.

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