Day 22: Remembering U.S casualties and heroism during the 75th Anniversary of Operation Husky

Today four of us awoke in Hotel Sole in Gela. We ventured downstairs, ordered cappuccinos, buttered our bread, and prepared for the day ahead. City officials promptly whisked us on an hours-long adventure, touring museums around this paramount city. We learned about the ancient process of coin-making and the Greek-inspired designs each city chose—Gela the bull, Messina the dolphin, Lentini the horse. We learned about the Japanese artistic influence in Gela and about the craftsmen and tradespeople of each period. After a quick lunch at the Gela yacht club, we ventured on to the first part of the ceremony in Ponte Dirillo.Retired U.S. Army Col. Bruce G. Clarke, whose father, Lt. Col. Arthur Gorham, the first man listed on the memorial plaque, spoke at the ceremony.“Today I join you not only as a former warrior, but as the son of a true warrior Lt. Col. Arthur F. Gorham, who gave his life while leading his Airborne Soldiers against a determined foe,” said Clarke. “I am reminded of a saying that I had to learn while a cadet at West Point that is attributed to Gen. Douglas MacArthur. ‘There is no substitute for victory.’ The brave men and women from many countries who struggled with the foe here in Sicily 65 years ago as part of Operation Husky, knew what the sweet taste of victory would be.”Rest peacefully, gentlemen. We have the watch.

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