Cheers to Thirty!

I turned thirty years old today.

It was a lovely day. I started the day with black coffee in my dinosaur mug and with a face mask my dear friend sent me.

Trenton and Brett (my 90-day-roomie) serenaded me with “Happy Birthday” on the clarinet, and Trenton made me heart-shaped pancakes!

I talked to my parents before meeting Joe and Denise for a scrumptious sushi lunch date. We stopped for granita on the way home–peach and pineapple–at my favorite cafe in Trecastagni.

On to some quiet time reading and watching Gilmore Girls. Next, I met up with my Sicilian family for a long traditional Sicilian-style dinner at my favorite restaurant, Al Vicolo.

Thank you all who made turning thirty extra special.

Here’s to another decade of capitalizing on adventure, learning from my mistakes, and filling all the lovetanks!

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